A recent report found that in August of this year the UK was the number 1 target for spam email – with 13.5% of all spam mail being sent our way. If you’re sifting through your email, this will come as no surprise. It’s annoying and time consuming dealing with it – but how much is it costing you? An average employee receives 13.3 spam messages a day – and from a survey of 75 employees, on average, 6.5 minutes from their day were spent sifting through junk mail – adding up to a cost, to you, of £874 per year. Is it possible to stop spam? Unlikely – but not impossible, our AntiSpam MX Filter is a professional email filter that’s based on industry standard methods.

It’s detailed and highly accurate, removing junk mail before it even enters your mail server network. It safeguards against viruses, phishing, malware and harvesting spam attacks, covering all bases! It will restore productivity – and bandwidth that would otherwise be lost to incoming unsolicited traffic.

Take a look at a typical AntiSpam MX

This company would have had 16,964 spam messages to sift though! But as they are protected, none made it into their mail server.

Antispam Gateway has the following key features and benefits:-

Cloud-based (SaaS) pre-perimeter defence against spam, malware-bearing emails and attachments

Enhances productivity of employees and reduces load on internal mail servers

Intuitive Web interface for ease of use and configuration

Easy management of domains and email size/attachment restrictions

Whitelist / Blacklist recipients and senders

Control user’s ability to release quarantined items, whitelist or blacklist senders using Groups and Policies

Get in touch to find out more, and stop that mountain of junk that awaits you every morning.

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