Free Internet Security is leaving you vulnerable

Day in, day out we are all receiving emails that we have all learnt to recognise as containing computer viruses. But what about the viruses that are not so obvious? The viruses that are hidden/disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files? Or even the viruses hidden within instant messages or downloads off the internet?

Are you protecting yourself and your business enough?

A ridiculous number of new malware items are being unleashed by cyber-criminals every day and with businesses and their staff relying heavily on their computers and internet based programs, we feel that free internet security no longer offers a sufficient level of protection.

You need to ensure that you have a security solution that constantly keeps up to date with new threats, giving you maximum protection to ensure you (and your data) are always safe.

In our experience not only are the free internet security problems letting viruses slip through, there are also slowing the computer user’s general efficiency, by slowing their PC’s performance down.

Time to step it up to the next level of internet security and get proactive against cyber-attacks? We think so.

Both companies and individuals need to get proactive and smart. You need to protect yourself with a firewall that will defend you against both computer based threats and threats that are delivered via the local network or Wi-Fi. Our product is constantly updating itself so that you always has the latest version and, most importantly, the latest database of known threats.

Our antivirus package prevents phishing, spam and malware. Instant messages are analyzed for threats and parental control features are strong. Although the product protects against keyloggers, users can even choose to bypass the physical keyboard altogether and use a virtual keyboard whenever it is necessary to enter sensitive personal data.

Want better internet security? Give us a call and let us GetOnIT – 01202 298 882

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