If you’re using Windows XP then the most up to date browser you can use is Internet Explorer 8. Released back in 2009, Microsoft have since released 3 newer versions, meaning IE8 is fast becoming too outdated to cope with newer demands. Unfortunately for Windows XP users, IE8 is the best you can get from Microsoft and you might be already noticing some issues. For one, website compatibility can be a real problem when using an outdated browser, it might not display the whole page, there might be features you’re unable to use, or possibly it might not load the website at all. As we all know, speed is crucial to surfing the web and being stuck on IE8 is likely to mean you’re waiting around a while whilst your favourite sites load. Most importantly IE8’s internet security is just not up to scratch, and this can lead to all sorts of other problems.

Luckily, there is a solution – Google Chrome. With it’s clean, simple user interface and ease of use it’s clear why it’s the most popular browser available today. It couldn’t be simpler to download, simply search Google Chrome and download from their website (make sure it is theirs and not someone else though!

Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons we think you should be making the switch:

Speed. It’s fast, and we’re sure you’ll see the difference for yourself the moment you open the browser.

Security. Widely known as the most secure web browser, it beats Internet Explorer hands down when it comes to Internet security – and that’s their new version!

Simple. As well as the clear user interface, there’s lots of features that make Chrome super user friendly, including the search bar. Searches can be done in the address bar at the top, so no need to visit Google to perform a search.

Undercover. Google’s incognito mode lets you browse without leaving behind any history or cookies. Easy to switch on too – just hit control+shift+n.

Favourites. Google makes switching even easier by giving you the option to transfer all your previously saved bookmarks and favourites from your old browser during the download process. We did say it was easy!

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