If your website doesn’t have the latest technology to support this type of browsing, you are missing a growing populace of potential customers that will inevitably search elsewhere to satisfy their demands.

As the world marches relentlessy forward with technology we are always outdoing the latest version of any state of the art electronics & equipment within months, sometimes weeks, we must realise the need to keep up with the pace or fall behind.

One of the fastest growing methods these days for browsing is using mobile devices such as iPhones, ipads & Android phones I’m sure we are all aware of this, probably, we are using these devices ourselves.

Do you want to be left behind?

If you are using flash or other older technology then this corner of the market will completely overlook your website as their devices will not be able to display your website.

Recent studies show that at least 22 million people use mobile internet devices, in the last three months of 2011 at least a third of total time spent browsing was using a mobile device, by 2013 the tipping point will be reached & it is predicted there will be more usage of mobile devices than desk or laptops combined.

Can you afford not to use the latest technology to allow mobile browsing on your website?

Can you afford to miss this massive proportion of the market?

The older your technology becomes, the less hits you website will receive. GetOnIT are committed to designing websites which are accessible by the widest possible audience, we build websites with accessibility in mind regardless of platform or browser, whether it be a mobile device or otherwise. We can make sure your website is viewed properly by everyone no matter what device they are using.

For more information & to discover what we can do to help please contact us for a chat, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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