Define Responsive Web Design…

Responsive web design is the hottest topic in web design and is essential for the future success of your business which will put you ahead of your competitors. Until fairly recently websites were usually built with a fixed width at 960 pixels with the expectation that all end users would get a consistent viewing experience.

Now we have a growing trend of smart phone and tablet users browsing the web using devices like iPhones, iPads and Android phones. It’s an indisputable fact that the number of people using these smaller screen devices is growing at an ever increasing rate.

“In a nut shell a responsive website responds and adapts to give users an optimum viewing experience regardless of screen size or platform without the need for a separate mobile version website.”

Why Is Responsive Web Design Vital For My Business?

It is believed that by 2014 mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage, this means over 50% of internet users will be viewing your website on a mobile or tablet device and not the traditional desktop PC or Mac. Responsive web design is much more than just a buzz word, it’s a vital part of “future proofing” your website so it’s completely accessible across all desktops, mobile devices and tablets. And or course, a more accessible website simply means a wider audience of people can access your products and services.

The Technical Stuff – What You Need To Know…

Older non-responsive websites, on a smart phone or tablet, are handled differently by shrinking down a standard website to fit the viewable area – have you ever visited a website on your phone only to find by default it’s zoomed right out so you need to zoom in on the area of content you want to read? Yes you probably say, but these older non-responsive websites still work on smaller devices!

So What’s The Biggy?

Well… The more you browse websites on mobile devices like iPhones and Androids the more apparent the problem will become, I cannot emphasise how important this is. It’s a ridiculously annoying and frustrating task to constantly zoom in and out of page areas to see them at a readable size and then move the page from left to right to read sentences whilst desperately trying not to hit another link somewhere with your right thumb!

An Example Of Responsive Web Design…

Using a desktop PC open up a new tab with our website and make sure the browser window is at maximum width then resize the widow and watch the website respond and adapt! Or just watch the video at the top of this page.

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