Is Google bias about Websites?

Have you ever speculated on how Google decides what result will be higher on the page than others? Or how the search giant is able to give precise and relevant results within seconds?

Understanding the inner workings of Google search is essential for your online business succeeding.

We are IT/SEO specialists who sometimes hear of a business wondering why even though they have a Website, no one is contacting them. They believe that by having a Website, they will automatically rank on Google for their service/product and will be exposed to the millions of people that are online on a daily basis – this is a misconception!!

This is not Google’s fault, it is a simple misunderstanding on the part of the website owner.

Some website building agencies either do not know or understand the need for a good SEO write up.

SEO stands for; search engine optimisation, here at GetonIt we do professional write ups for SEO’s , this will have your website much easier to find on Google.

With the fierce competition out there a good SEO is essential for your website to be found, without one, you have little or no chance of ever being discovered.

Good SEO’s need to have the correct ratio of key words/sentences to size of text body, if this is not correct then it will be rejected by Google bots & your website will not be found unless the absolute correct web address is entered.

Apart from just a good write up, there are many other complicated techniques required that only highly skilled technologically trained individuals are capable of achieving.

Google uses algorithm technology using certain factors to assign relevancy scores for each page, without understanding this technical science there is no way to get good page positioning on Googles search.

This is obviously a cursory explanation of how it works, the inner workings of the technical science is far too complex to go into great detail here & now but if you have any questions or are in need of some assistance then visit our search engine optimisation page or give GetOnIT a call on 01202 298882 today.

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