Back Up

There are only two types of people in the world, those that do back up and those that don’t. Which are you?

Those that DON’T…

80 % of our clients don’t back up (or don’t do it correctly). We don’t blame you, it’s time consuming, and another thing to add to the To Do List. HOWEVER – it’s probably one of the most -if not THE most- crucial thing you can do for your business. We are seeing more and more viruses, and they are getting more damaging and advanced every day. If you’re unlucky enough to be faced with one (and just last week, one in 17 emails carried the Sobig.F virus, as an example) , you could lose everything… unless you pay a hefty ransom, or endure some costly IT repairs (even then you might not get it all back).

Or if you are one of the 20% that DO back up…

Can you feel sure that the majority of your stuff can be recovered, painlessly and easily? Can it protect you from accidently overriding a file? A corrupt file? Can it protect itself against a virus attack? It’s likely that your back up will only help if your system dies, whereas our Unlimited Back Up Solutions will protect you from all of these scenarios.

Give us a call for some free advice and perhaps take advantage of our Unlimited Back Up Solution package for just £9 per month or a one off payment of £90 for the year.

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