Have you been into your local electronic retailer lately and wondered what all those colourful blocks and tiles are sliding around the screens of their newest stock of computers? Fear not! Bob Holness hasn’t just reincarnated and installed the Blockbusters game on the entire floor of computers! It’s the brand new Windows 8 offering from Microsoft. As with not only our customers, we here at GetOnIt have been thrown quite considerably! Even had a bit of fun with it by challenging each other to perform simple tasks like shut down which actually after figuring how to do it using the Metro interface its quite simple, Its just getting familiar with how to use it.

After spending a few more hours investigating we came to the conclusion in order to work as efficiently as when using previous Windows operating systems we defiantly needed the start menu back. After trawling the web we discovered many solutions but the one we thought that stood out from the crowd was Classic Shell, mainly due to the fact that its open source software being completely free and community supported. Ultimately meaning any bug fixes and updates will be rolled out quite quickly by the vast group of volunteer’s working on the project.

You may ask what’s the point in upgrading, well since Windows Vista allot of bloat and fancy gimmicks have been included mainly Aero which makes all the window frames appear transparent. As Microsoft realised they needed to build an operating system compatible with lower powered tablets they have optimised Windows 8 to be more light weight and to run using less processing power. We make it approximately 10 seconds from pressing the power button the machine is ready to go! The speed factor alone have convinced a few of us in the office to upgrade!

Lloyds Final Thoughts

I don’t really think Windows 8 is very efficient for Business Desktop PC use without the Classic Shell software! Think Microsoft should be giving the user a clear Yes/No option of having the Metro or the standard Desktop with the start bar. Although I recently spotted a tablet running Windows 8 and have to say I would completely get the whole Windows 8 concept if it was purely for Tablet use. But who am I to say, maybe I’m just stuck in my ways!

Download Classic Shell from:

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