Compel Google to eradicate searches in a suggested new privacy law.

The Web giant could be forced to adhere to banning orders via search results where such material breaches an individuals privacy rights. There has been a call for a new law to be considered to avoid sensitive information leaking online to protect the rights & privacy of individuals.

Google has received much criticism regarding the existing policies from the “privacy & injunctions report”. It is recommended courts should be more proactive where the claimant should serve notice on social networking platforms & web publishers when granting injunctions, this would encourage others to take similar action & affectively deter the giants.

This would encourage major corporations to be more inclined to take steps to limit potential breaches in the first instance, if they fail to do so, laws should be brought about to enforce it.

Contempt of court could then be used as a major incentive or deterrent. It has been noted that Google confirm it is possible to develop technology that can monitor websites to detect inappropriate material to avoid it ever appearing in search results. If this is a possibility, then why is it not already in existence? Furthermore, surely this should be enforced anyway, if the possibility is there, then develop it.

The problem we foresee of course is deciding what exactly is classed as unacceptable, where does one draw the line, what may be acceptable to you may not be acceptable to me !!

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